What our clients have experienced


After a year of changing my diet, I weigh 53kg less, ejection fraction is 54, HbA1C 5.9%, from 9,1% in February 2015, total cholesterol is 5mmol/l, blood pressure 115/72 without blood pressure medicine…

Reyn, Diagnosed with Heart Failure

When I started fasting and saw how quickly the weight was coming off, I made a goal to lose 100 pounds in 2015. I met that goal in September.

Shannon, 390 Pounds in Jan 2015

I lost 12 lbs. the first month and then 6 lbs. per month thereafter for a total of 30 lbs. going from 256 to 226 in 4 months…I can confidently say I beat diabetes and prediabetes in 4 months.

Samantha, Diagnosed with PCOS in 1999

The IDM Program reduced my weight, my blood glucose, and my blood pressure to normal and it keeps them stable. Twenty-five years of diabetes were reversed within weeks by expert advice from Dr. Fung and Megan and the support from other patients.

John, 25 Years of Diabetes Reversed

Like most people, I had tried everything out there to lose weight and be healthier. Despite my efforts, I had no energy, suffered with digestive issues constantly, and was starting to feel that achy joints were normal. One big motivator for me to join the IDM program was that I had my children when I was 36 and 40 years old so wanted to be as healthy as I could be for them.

After only ten months in the program, I can say that I feel the best I ever have. My weight is the same as it was when I was 25 and I have energy to burn! I eat great food and intermittent fasting has become a daily rhythm. The first few weeks were a huge adjustment and I was afraid to go from dinner to bedtime without food! Now, I don’t even think twice about not eating for 24 hours.

My success has come from consistency with fasting and eating low carb, high fat. While doing the program, I have been parenting pre-teens, doing my Master’s degree part-time, working full-time, and battling menopausal symptoms. So even with challenges it is possible. I wake up every day grateful that Dr. Jason Fung created a program that makes it possible to feel so amazing!

Hayley P, IDM Client

In May 2017, my internist, for whom I have a deep, professional respect, noted how long (39 years) I had been struggling with Type II Insulin-dependent DM and that my meds, insulin requirements, and A1C were once again increasing along with my yo-yoing weight. You, see, I had lost this 50-75 pounds of weight at least three times in my 69 years of life. So, he recommended that I buy Dr. Fung’s book “Complete Guide to Fasting”, and learn that this cure for Diabetes is dietary, not medicinal. The rest is history.

After reading Dr. Fung’s book, I joined his Long-Distance Clinic in Toronto via internet to consult in a group with other Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) clinic members, led by a professional clinician. At least twice monthly our internet group discusses our progress with the eating/fasting aspect of the program and to share our experiences. Our professional clinician has first-hand knowledge of the fasting program and can provide the group or individual support that each one of us needs. The focus is to achieve my normal weight and to reduce/diminish/or eliminate my Diabetes fasting, either intermittently or extended. I have also added daily meditation and continual study of Dr. Fung’s theories.

Rose C, IDM Member

Three years in — I have learned a great deal about how food impacts my glucose levels, about fasting and I have had great success with keeping my weight stabilized and staying off medication. Megan leads her support groups with a wonderful balance of insight, information and support.

Howard, IDM Member, Falls Church, VA

Joyfully, IDM is fantastic and it has worked! First time in my life I have lost over 40kgs since I started IDM 10 months ago! And I know now how to keep it off. No yo-yo for me! My whole life has changed too, and now I am becoming a fasting coach myself to spread the information to others.

Scot B, Amsterdam, NL, IDM Member

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