Launching the NEW IDM Program Focus Groups

Launching the NEW IDM Program Focus Groups2019-06-06T15:12:45-04:00

The big news is that IDM has recently added an exciting new feature to the IDM Membership Community! But, first, let me recap what the Community already has to offer.

What is the IDM Membership Community?
The IDM Membership Community is a self-guided program that provides education on fasting and nutrition. There are four main info streams to choose from: weight-loss, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as well as wellness and longevity. You can choose to participate in one or all these programs for the same monthly fee.

When you register for a program, you will get an email every Monday with a weekly lesson, instructions on implementing that lesson, and a quiz to ensure you have a solid understanding of the materials.

Every Wednesday, you’ll receive a second email showing you how to use the features of the community so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience. These include:

  • A monthly group fast lead by IDM Coach Brenda Zorn
  • A forum with weekly fasting challenges, led by engaging expert moderators to help point you in the right direction, as well as a community of like-minded individuals all trying to fit fasting into their lifestyle
  • An invitation to join biweekly Live Meet Ups where IDM Coaches answer your questions in real time
  • Answers to the common fasting and feasting questions we receive from our members every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Fasting protocols to help you brainstorm how to fit fasting into your lifestyle
  • Monthly science segments that correctly explain the science of fasting and feasting

Why we created it?
One of the things I’ve realized since we first launched the IDM Program, is the importance of community support. While fasting is gaining in popularity and acceptance in the mainstream medical community, it still makes many of our followers’ friends and family uneasy. In this day and age, where we’re constantly surrounded by highly addictive food, it can be hard to stick to your new lifestyle if you don’t have a group of people cheering you on. The community can help!

It can also be tough to navigate all the controversial fasting and feasting information out there. We want to make sure you have all the best information so you can make informed choices.

That’s what the IDM Membership Community does: it provides you with access to the best science and information, as well as the support you need to be successful in achieving your goals.

How much does it cost?
A monthly fee of $39 USD. (Roughly the cost of a dinner out that you won’t miss because of… well, fasting!)

IDM personalized coaching clients receive a 12-month free subscription to the IDM Membership Community after purchasing a coaching package with one of our Fasting Coaches. For information on personalized coaching, click here.

Plus, New Focus Groups!
We launched the IDM Community in February, 2018 and, ever since, we’ve been listening to your feedback. While videos and resources are great support tools, we’ve learned that our members are really looking for interaction with our team of experts.

So, the newest feature we’ve added to the Community is Focus Groups. These offer a chance to join a group discussion led by world-renowned fasting experts, and let you interact with people from around the world live in the community!

Each focus group has a specific theme, so you can choose what’s most important to you.

What are the groups?

Intermittent Fasting, with Larry Diamond and Nadia Pateguana
In this group, we focus on different intermittent fasting protocols. Intermittent fasting can provide a lot of flexibility, with fasts that range anywhere from 16 up to 48 hours of continuous fasting, two to three times a week. So, it’s good to understand your options.

Extended Fasting, with Brenda Zorn and John Clary
In this group, we focus on extended fasting protocols. Extended fasts need to be carefully considered and planned, so you want to be informed. They can range from 48 hours up to seven to 14 days for some individuals. (For extended fasts, be sure to check in with your physician first.)

Changing It Up and Busting Through Plateaus, with Megan Ramos
Let’s look at strategies for changing up your routine so that you can break through your plateau and get back on the road to success! These strategies often involve changes both to your feasting and fasting routines.

Diabetes, with Andrea Lombardi
In this group, we focus on different strategies to help with type II diabetes – including fasting and dietary changes. You will need to follow-up with your physician about your diabetes medications if you are currently taking any.

Weight loss, with Jeff McCann
In this group, we consider different strategies to help with weight loss – including fasting and dietary changes.

Behavioural changes, with Terri Lance and Jeff McCann
Let’s talk about different behavioural issues, and how we can overcome the emotional and mental aspect of dieting and fasting.

Holiday Feasting, with Megan Ramos
The focus is on feasting and fasting strategies to get you back on track after a vacation, long weekend BBQ or a big Thanksgiving turkey dinner! Our goal is to help you stay on course during these times of feasting, and help you get back to your regular routine and on the road to success afterwards.

Is there an additional fee?
No! All these groups are available for YOU today!

Where do I join a group?
Sign into your IDM Membership Community dashboard and click on “Focus Groups” (look under ‘Access to Experts’) to sign up for one or more today! Space is limited to 25 participants per session, so reserve your spot today!

Note: bookings are available 21 days in advance. You cannot book a session if it starts in less than 24 hours from the time you try to reserve a spot.