IDM Community – July 16, 2019

Rewind: Fasting and Muscle Mass

This week, Dr. Fung addresses the eternal question: “Doesn’t fasting burn your muscle?”


Get ready for Ketofest!

From Fasting Friday to Science Sunday, it’s a perfect chance to flex your keto muscle

Friday marks the start of Ketofest – the event that turns a coastal New England town into a one-stop shop for all things keto!

If you’re planning on heading down, don’t forget that IDM’s Megan Ramos will host ‘Fasting Friday,’ a free event where she and her team will share the latest clinical data from IDM patients, as well as recent science on fasting. There will also be food-free activities for those who are fasting.

Megan and Dr. Ken Berry will also speak – along with an impressive list of other experts – on Science Sunday. It’s a chance to learn about the latest research, science and stories from the thought leaders in the low-carb space.

For more info, visit

Catch this interview?

Don’t forget to watch this IF interview with Coach Nadia Pateguana and Dr. Donald Pelto (Part 1).

A healthier lifestyle… and Hawai’i

Over on the Low Carb MD podcast, you can catch the story of how coach Terri Lance reversed her obesity and diabetes through lifestyle changes.

Terri also discusses the amazing IDM fasting retreats in Hawaii, examines food addiction, and tackles many other important topics.

As much about the ‘when’ as the ‘what’

Could a Type of Intermittent Fasting Improve Your Heart Health?

Consumer Affairs weighs in

Intermittent fasting could help prevent diabetes

Dr. Fung on the Diet Doctor Podcast

If fasting has been around since the beginning of time, why is it so controversial?

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