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Andrea was ecstatic to join IDM in early 2018, as she firmly believes there is a huge gap in the global healthcare system with respect to the way people with insulin resistant conditions are being “managed.” She is currently in her best health ever, but things were very different in 2014 when she struggled with anemia, debilitating pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), high cholesterol, and was on her way to developing T2 diabetes. When she started experimenting with IF protocols in 2016, her anemia, PMS, and cholesterol abnormalities completely resolved. Her recent HbA1c has inched down since then, with readings in the 4s, rather than inching toward the 6s. Andrea likes to customize a fasting regimen that the client will find as do-able as possible. Her philosophy is that by easing into a gentle fasting regimen, clients will accomplish small goals, build their fasting “muscle” and confidence.

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A low carb cooking expert, weight lifter and motorcycle enthusiast, Brenda is a bold mix of adventure and dedication. She has 5 years invested in the ketogenic and fasting communities and has guided many to better health. She cured her own T2DM with a combination of a ketogenic diet and fasting (hbA1c 12 to 5 with a 100 lb loss).

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My name is Jeff McCann, Iʼm an IDM Health Educator. As an Educator, my focus is on making fasting and Healthy Fat Low Carb sustainable as a lifestyle change. In my groups I like to talk about how the two go hand in hand to create the perfect storm for amazing transformations in disease reversal, prevention, weight loss and incredible health. Since Iʼve been there, I can tell you itʼs not alway easy, but itʼs worth it!…and my job is to help you get there as your quirky comrade, encourager and empathetic (and often self-deprecating) Educator. I might also make you laugh too, so letʼs do this…but first can we stop and get coffee?

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By following IDM protocols, John Clary reversed Type 2 Diabetes and lost 160 pounds in the process. John is enthusiastic about helping others achieve positive outcomes through food and fasting. He is active on social media, administering the IDM Community and Obesity Code Network and trained with IDM to become a Health Educator. John holds a Master of Information Technology degree from Virginia Tech and lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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I’m very excited and proud to be a fasting and diet educator with IDM. I used IDM protocols to lose 120 lbs while getting stronger and healthier, all without hunger. I call it Smarter Not Harder. I use individual fasting and diet recommendations to unlock your bodies natural ability to become healthier for lifelong success.

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My name is Nadia Pateguana and I am one of the IDM Educators and my focus has always been on diet and Metabolic Syndrome. I started Low Carb 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and couldn’t get pregnant; and fasting 5 years ago after my second pregnancy! Becoming an IDM Educator allows me to use my personal and professional experience to help thousands of people. I like to learn from my clients, as much if not more than they learn from me, and I bring this learning experience to my groups. Like all the other Educators, I can empathize, because I too have been through it, and follow this way of life personally and professionally.

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My name is Rachel Primo and I’ve worked with Megan and Dr. Jason Fung in the Nephrology Clinic located in Toronto since 2006. I also struggled with obesity as a child and at one point my weight exceeded 190 lbs. I tried a lot of when I was a teen and but the weight always came back. In 2015 I was told I had a fatty liver and needed to change my diet. After being truly inspired by Megan as well as the clinic patients who had successfully lost weight and reduced their medications for diabetes, I learned everything I could and started fasting myself and changing my lifestyle. This was the beginning of my journey to help not only myself and my family but also wanting to spread the word to everyone the benefits of fasting. I feel great! I am still working on my health and being a better me but now I have the actual correct tools to do so.

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Terri Lance is a 50 year old woman who has regained her health and reversed her type II diabetes through her way of eating, intermittent fasting, and lifestyle choices. She believes in addressing the whole person (mind-body-spirit) in her personal journey, and focuses on helping clients incorporate healthy mindset and self-nurturing with the knowledge of fasting and nutrition principles of IDM.