IDM Round Up – September 13, 2019

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Dr. Fung on The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

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Low Carb, Real Food Show this fall

Early bird ticket pricing until Sept. 30!
If you’re in the Toronto area this fall, mark November 3 on your calendars. That’s the launch of the Low Carb, Real Food Show – a one-day event that intends to bring together the best food, beverages, ingredients and tools to support the low-carb, real-food movement. The key theme of the event is that, regardless of the diet you follow, the food you eat should be real and whole, minimally-processed and with a low glycemic impact. The goal is to give you the info you need to make the best choices. There will be a number of great sponsors and speakers, and IDM will definitely be there.

And, until September 30, you can take advantage of early bird pricing – $29.99 for adults and $5.99 for kids two to twelve. (Younger kids get in free.)

The Low Carb, Real Food Show will be taking place at the Hilton/Toscana Conference Centre in Vaughan (a short drive north of the city). For more info, visit


Up your Keto game

Be sure to attend the latest Keto-Retreat
Ottawa, Canada is hosting Keto-Retreat on September 21. With great info, speakers and exhibitors, it’s the ideal place to explore all things Keto.

IDM veteran Andrea Lombardi will be a featured speaker, along with Dr. Eric Westman (past President of the Obesity Medicine Association and a Fellow of the Obesity Society); Dr. Robert Cywes (specialist in Pediatric and Adult obesity, diabetes and metabolic management); educator, researcher and health consultant Sally K. Norton; certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Amy Berger; as well as Keto-Retreats organizer Wendy Moore.

The event takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport. For more details, visit


The Importance of Go Time!

LarryCoach Larry Diamond looks at the importance of being ready for change.

Before changing my diet and how often I ate, I changed something even more important: My readiness to change.

You’ve probably heard the importance of ‘Finding Your Why.’ It’s very important for a successful health journey. I call that feeling of: ‘I AM READY, Go Time!’

Change is hard. Be it at work, your living situation, your relationships or any of our habits. We’re all creatures of habit. I feel ‘Finding Your Why(s)’ was critical for my success. Critical. It got me into the best mindset possible for success.

I started focusing on what I was gaining, not what I was giving up. I was able to literally stop, cold-turkey, buying pasta, bread and potato chips because I was so motivated. When stalls or obstacles came long, I thought about my ‘whys’ to get me through.

In my case, not all the motivation was ‘good’ or positive. My best friend and father-figure growing up, my uncle, had developed Alzheimer’s. I was terribly sad – but also afraid and worried. I thought his disease was driven by lifestyle, not genetics. So this gave me a lot of hope.

Also, my wife and I had recently adopted our daughter. I was almost 48. All of these hopes and fears combined together and gave me a mindset of possibility. I was hopeful and willing and ready to change. I added an open mind and curiosity. Thankfully, this led me to low carb, fasting and Paleo. This combination of attitude and effective advice was unbeatable.

My wife also found her ‘Go Time.’ But not at the same time. She started seven months later. I am so glad she waited for her ‘Go Time.’ I don’t think she would have succeeded had she or I tried to ‘force’ the changes before she was ready.

I think this is important for everyone to understand. It’s awesome if a family and/or friends can do a health and fasting journey together. But they may not be ready when you are. Also remember this saying from Asia: ‘Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight.’ Lots of times I started when I was not truly ready. I fell down on my health journey attempts. But I kept trying. And then the ‘magic’ happened.

I had my best motivation of all time and I combined that with the best advice ever: low carb, Paleo and fasting. It was then a great joy to help ‘coach’ my wife. Now it’s equally amazing to help my coaching clients with IDM. The only thing better than healing yourself? Serving others with good coaching to help them do the same.


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